My name is Dan Dale. I'm an attorney in Jackson, MS. I got my 1st trike, an '83 ATC185S back in '87 when I was 12 year old (not the same one I own now unfortunately). My dad had a ranch out in Dallas. I used to ride it into the night & early morning. Not knowing any better, it got practically no maintenance. That trike was just about indestructible. My ex-stepmother later gave it away while I was away.

In 2000 I got the idea that I wanted another trike. The first day I looked in the paper I saw an '87 ATC250SX advertised for sale. I called & arranged to come look at it. It was also the first day the ad had run. There were asking $1200, but I offered them $1000 cash on the spot. She accepted, but since all I had to drive at the time was a Suburban I had to go rent a little Uhaul trailer to get it home. While I was gone she had 2 other people offer her the $1200 for it, but she was an honest woman & didn't sell. After that, as I learned more about trikes, my collection rapidly expanded.

I originally started this site for 2 reasons: I dug up a large collection of ATV magazines from my childhood which I wanted to scan & post on the site. I also didn't like the format of the bulletin boards other trike sites so I wanted to use a format that I liked (since put in place by all the other trike sites). This site is strictly non-profit. All donations & purchases made go towards the hosting fees, bulletin board fees, & site additions.

Here are some pics of some my 3wheelers. Right now I have 17 of them.

  1. 1983 Honda ATC185S
  2. 198? Suzuki ALT50
  3. 198? Yamaha YT175
  4. 1985 Honda ATC250R - resto
  5. 1985 Honda ATC250R - runner
  6. 1986 Honda ATC250Rs - other projects
  7. 1985 Yamaha Tri-Z - full resto
  8. 1985 Yamaha Tri-Z - beater
  9. 1985 Yamaha Lawmower-Z - you gotta see this one
  10. 1985 Yamaha Tri-Z - long term project
  11. 1985 Honda ATC250ES Big Red - mint, original 379-mile trike
  12. 1985 Honda ATC250ES Big Red - Dad's trike
  13. 1985 Honda ATC350X - sold
  14. 1985 Honda ATC350X - sold
  15. 1986 Honda ATC350X
  16. 1986 Kawasaki Tecate - first one
  17. 1986 Kawasaki Tecate - former racer
  18. 1986 Kawasaki Tecates - other projects
  19. 1987 Honda ATC250SX

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